Custom Desk

After two weeks of using the finished custom desk wanted to describe the process and the problems while building it .

Me and my father build the base metal frame and screwed the wooden boards. Had some problems when we cut the 45 degree angles

and making the rounded triangle board. And after i started to make pictures of the process from here :


Step 2 was applying the grunt and sanding it till the surface is smooth.

Step 3 was to apply 2 or 3 coats of white base paint, depending of the coverage, in my case 3 coats. \"Step

After that was the part for the decorative painting. Here ALL HELL UNLEASHED, bought decorating color spray paints, but after they where applied the base color was destroyed.


Fixed it, and bought acrylic spray and again it damaged the base again. After that many troubles dropped the first plan to spray paint with printed templates, and bought a paint brush with acrylic paints.



Finally no damage to the base! Several days later the last step tested the polish that has to seal the paints aaaand again problem, tested second polish again fail, the solution was boat polish!

Finished picture :


Link to full album : Here