Keto Round 2

The goal this time is to have a better plan and a time limit for the "run". There will be several points that will help me achieve better results.

Intermittent fasting

Will try to achieve a 7/17 or 8/16 hour cycles.

All eating to be done in the 7/8 hour time window and no calorie intake for the next 16/17 hours.

Keto diet

This time all the food for the day must be under 2200 calories.

To help with that i downloaded to try ( Keto - Low Carb Diet Tracking ).

For the recipes most of them will be from here ( LINDA'S LOW CARB MENUS & RECIPES ). It offers many recipes and details for the portions, thus helping to track the carbs/fat/protein intake.


The keto diet is lacking some vital ingredients most of the time. To reduce or maybe remove the side effects of it and from the training a will take additional:


The training will consist mostly of :

Running ( 5-10km a day )

After will cycle between:

One day

One day

One day

50 pushups

20-30 pull ups

2 minut

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